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The Canton Fairs

The Canton Fairs

DAPU Machinery will be at the Canton Fair which will take place in Guangzhou, China from 15th-24th June 2020.

India fence expo

The India Fence Expo

DAPU Machinery will be at the India Fence Expo which will take place in Chennai, India from 12th-14th December 2019.

The big-5 dubai exhibition

The Big5 DUBAI

DAPU Machinery will be at the BIG-5 DUBAI which will take place in World Trade Center, Dubai from 25th-28th November 2019.

Wire Mesh Machinery Manufacturer

Hebei DAPU WIRE MESH MACHINERY Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing, manufacturing and exporting metal & wire mesh processing machinery, different kinds of wire mesh weaving machine and wire mesh welding machine which located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China.

Our main products are:

Wire mesh welding machine, Chicken cage welding machine, Steel grating welding machine, Wedged wire screen welding machine, etc.

Chain link fence machine, Barbed wire machine, Hinge joint fence Machine, Hexagonal wire netting machine, Expanded metal mesh machine, etc.

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