Field Fence Making Machine

Field fence mesh machine

Field fence machine, also named grassland fence machine, hinge joint knot fence machine, is widely used to make field fence for livestock husbandry, grassland protection etc.

Video of Field Fence Mesh Machine
Technical Data
Mesh widthMax. 1427mmMax. 1880mmMax. 2000mmMax. 2400mm
Twine wire diameter1.8mm-2.5mm
Side wire diameter2.0mm-3.5mm
Motor capacity5.5kw
SpeedMax. 60rows/min
Min. line opening≤45rows/min
Min. line opening75mm
The cross opening50-500mm (adjustable)
Line wire tensile strength300-1300N/MM2
Cross wire tenisile strength300-500N/MM2
Roll lengthMax. 100m
Size of the machine3.3*3.0*2.43.3*3.2*2.43.3*3.4*2.43.3*3.6*2.4
Machine weight3T3.5T4T4.5T
Note: Finally we can design the machine according to the customer’s request.

Yield: When mesh hole size 100*100mm (4*4 inch),

CY-B: 307-592kg/hour
CY-C: 340-656kg/hour
CY-D: 406-984 kg/hour

Machine advantage

(1) The machine work with Guo Mao brand reducer and 5.5kw break motor. The break motor can stop the machine immediately. Mesh length will be very accurate.

(2) The machine adopts pneumatic cylinder to cut and twist cross wire, work faster.

(3) The machine adopts Delta brand inverter, saving electricity. We also use Schneider electric components in control box which service life over 3 years.

(4) Fully automatic machine—cross wire and longitude wire both are fed by coils.

(5) The machine can stop automatically when touch the alarm line around cross wire.

(6) Isolation cover around exposed gears, protect both users and machine.

(7) The longitude wire can use hard wire ad material.

(8) 2 Years spare parts for free.

Finished picture
field fence mesh
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