Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

Reinforcing mesh welding machine

Reinforcing mesh welding machine, also named BRC reinforcing mesh machine, steel rebar mesh welding machine, used to make concrete mesh, road mesh, building construction mesh etc.

Video of Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

1.Both of the longitude wires and cross wires should be pre-cut. (Wire feeding way)
2.The raw material is round wire or ribbed wire (rebar).
3.Equipped line wire pre-load system, controlled by Panasonic servo motor.
4.Equipped cross wire feeder, controlled by step motor.
5.Water cooling type welding electrodes and welding transformers.
6.Panasonic servo motor to control mesh pulling, high precision mesh.
7.Imported Igus brand cable carrier, not hung down.
8.SMC pneumatic components, stable.
9.Main motor&reducer connect with the principal axis directly. (Patent technology)

Technical Data
Wire diameter3-8mm3-8mm4-10mm/5-12mm
Mesh widthMax.2500mmMax.3000mmMax.2500mm
Line wire space100-300mm
Cross wire spaceMin.50mm
Mesh lengthMax.12m
Wire feeding wayPre-straightened&pre-cut
Welding electrodeMax.24pcsMax.31pcsMax.24pcs
Welding transformer150kva*6pcs150kva*8pcs150kva*12pcs
Welding speed50-75 times/min40-60 times/min40-65 times/min
Machine size8.4*3.4*1.6m8.4*3.9*1.6m8.4*5.5*2.1m
Auxiliary Equipment

Cold rolling steel bar ribbed machine


Steel bar straightening and cutting machine

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